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MBA Courses for Working Professionals

As the name suggests, MBA courses for working professionals will involve MBA programs including the courses that are directed towards working executives and professionals. Before the arrival of internet, there was no such thing as distance learning or even if there was, it could not be in the form it is today. Today, you can even choose between various categories right within MBA programs i.e. part-time MBA programs, weekend MBA programs etc. Many people would wonder about the difference between a part-time or weekend MBA program and a full-time MBA program. Most of us think that the main difference is only about timings. Well this may hold true to quite some extent but there are few other differences.

MBA Programs That Are Especially For Working Professionals

You might be recommended by many people about the part-time MBA programs if you are working at a job and it is impossible for you to quit the job for doing a full-time MBA. However, MBA programs for working professionals are not only limited to part-time or online MBA programs. The most suitable MBA program for professionals is the executive MBA program. Executive MBA program is also known with the name of weekend MBA program due to its class timings and schedule. There can be few prerequisites before starting an executive MBA program, which might not pertain only to the knowledge of particular subjects. Instead, it may require a working professional to have a specific tenure at work in order to start with the program. Most often, the work experience required to start an weekend MBA program is three to eight years.

Many times the programs will require one term or semester to be completed on the onsite campus of the university or college that is offering the program. On most of the occasions, it is the sixth semester that needs to be completed onsite.

MBA Program For Executives Or Working Professionals

While researching for universities that offer weekend MBA or part-time MBA programs you might find a few universities that offer MBA programs for executives and working professionals separately. Most of the times, an executive or weekend MBA is what suggested for working professionals but in rare cases you might find them as two individual categories. In such a scenario, you will notice that an executive MBA is directed more towards people who have higher posts in their respective organizations and this program is more personalized to their personal skills. It might require them to have at least ten years of experience as a prerequisite of the program as compared to an MBA for working professional that will require a work experience of three to eight years.

Elective Courses That Are Available In MBA Programs for Working Professionals

Some people might think that a full-time MBA offers the most diversified courses for students but let us tell you that you can choose from a variety of courses that are available under executive or weekend MBA program’s category for working professionals. These courses may include but are not limited to specializing in accounting, business law, computer information system, finance, management science, marketing, technology strategy, emerging markets, supply chain management, energy and environment, investments, real estate finance, entrepreneurship and new venture management, negotiation, marketing intelligence etc.

An idea behind the diverse courses that are offered to working professionals through part-time MBA programs and weekend MBA programs is to broaden their knowledge to all the aspects of business. These courses are designed to provide a working professional the knowledge and insight into the depths of business related areas that would allow him to understand and pursue higher goals as he works his way in companies from around the world. They also give him a concentrated training in his desired subjects to

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