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Duke University Weekend Executive MBA Program

The world is changing and the younger generation is no longer limited to having boundaries in between. People often say that music has no boundaries so it should not be limited to a region or religion. To some extent, the same philosophy can also be applied to studies. You can now gain your desired degrees i.e. online MBA, part-time MBA programs, weekend MBA programs etc. from your favorite universities from around the world. You do not have to be located near the university to take the programs. If you have an internet connection and a computer, you can study whatever course or program you have been targeting.

One of the most popular type of MBA program these days is the weekend executive MBA (weekend MBA) program. This program is specially designed for executives who are busy in their jobs and cannot manage full time studies with their busy schedules. You will often find people confusing part-time MBA programs with executive MBA but there is a difference. Executive MBA classes are held on weekends to make studies adjust to the schedules of people who have busy work schedules. One of the top universities known in the world for its weekend executive MBA program is the Duke University. Let us read an overview of the weekend executive MBA program offered at Duke University.

Weekend Executive MBA Program at Duke University

You can retain and continue with your busy job schedule as you start taking the weekend executive MBA program at the university. The courses offered at Duke University cover all the aspects of current world requirements whether they are related to business administration, strategizing, entrepreneurship, marketing, finance or accounting. The weekend executive MBA program at Duke University strives to provide all the students with cardinal and detailed information of the business so they can face the real life state-of-affairs with utmost confidence and paramount self-reliance.

Some Interesting Facts about Weekend Executive MBA At Duke University

The great thing about Duke’s MBA program is that you can study these programs at worldwide locations of the university. You can choose from eighteen elective courses that are included within the weekend executive MBA program. The average age of students enrolled in this program is thirty-five years. Currently, one hundred and seventy students are enrolled in the weekend executive MBA program.

The Cross-Continent MBA program at Duke University is a unique program that is not offered at any other university right now. This program can also be pursued from the online campus, worldwide campuses or the onsite campus. You will need a minimum work experience of three years as a prerequisite of this program.

Details of the Weekend Executive MBA Program

The program covers an approximate tenure of nineteen months but not even once will this program interrupt your working hours. You can take any class within the program at the main campus of the Duke University that is located in North Carolina. When starting the weekend executive (weekend MBA) program, you will have to attend an orientation of one week. Classes can be taken on alternate weekends by the students to conveniently continue their jobs. You will have to take term 6 sessions on the onsite campus. Rest of the weekend executive MBA (weekend MBA) program can be achieved online or virtually while sitting at home.

The total number of terms that will be required to complete the weekend executive MBA (weekend MBA) program are six. Each term from the total six comprise of three months or almost three months. There is an optional concentration that students can avail now but it will require them to take an additional term.

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