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10 International MBA Programs

Of course, the human mind is never satisfied with what it has. It always wants more and when it has more, it wants even more. Same is the case with MBA degree pursuers. Students who want to broaden their vision to international business along with the learning of local business go for international MBA programs. Obviously, having a degree in international MBA program gives you more opportunities because you can apply for jobs not only within your country but also in foreign countries. If you are one of the students who want to get enrolled in an International MBA program, here is a list of universities that provide highest quality of business administration programs.

Thunderbird the Garvin School of International Management

Thunderbird offers all three types of MBA program for its students whether local or international including conventional MBA, accelerated MBA and dual degree MBA program. Thunderbird has the facility of virtual classes available for online students as well.

Duke University

The unique cross-continental MBA program offered at Duke University is one of its kind. It also offers virtual classes for students to join from anywhere. The MBA program at Duke University has been ranked at number six by BusinessWeek.

IE Business School

The MBA program at IE school has been ranked at number one by The Wall Street Journal. The university is located in Madrid, Spain. The MBA program offered for international students lasts for fifteen months.

University Of Pennsylvania – Wharton School Of Business

One of the most popular schools in the world for providing MBA programs for local as well as international students. If you are searching for MBA programs on the internet, we’re sure that you will rarely find a list without the name of Wharton School of Business in it.

Columbia Business School

Columbia Business School also offers various MBA programs including the executive weekend MBA, conventional MBA, Doctoral and part-time MBA programs. Students can complete their course without the involvement of concentration however concentrations for various courses are available for all students. 

Manchester Business School

Manchester Business School is considered one of the best in UK. The MBA program offered at Manchester Business School lasts for three years but accelerated MBA program can be completed in two years. Students from one hundred and forty countries have studied and are studying at Manchester Business School.

Warwick Business School

Warwick Business School is located in Coventry, United Kingdom. According to The Economist, it has been ranked on top for providing distance learning for international students. Students from over ninety countries from around the world have graduated from Warwick Business School.

Northwestern University

Northwestern University is another university from US providing a quick accelerated MBA program to students from around the world.

Hult International Business School

Hult has made its name in the top schools of the world for providing MBA to students from all around the world. Hult also offers a twelve months accelerated MBA program to its students. They have three campuses that are located internationally.

University Of Florida

Students of University of Florida can study their MBA course through internet and interactive virtual environment. Students have the choice to pursue a one-year or two-year MBA program. The Economist has rated the MBA program at University of Florida at number 1 in 2010.

These are some of the best schools located in various countries of the world that are providing full-time MBA, executive weekend MBA and part-time MBA programs. By using the modern technology, these universities have made the pursuit of higher education and broader goals for students from around the world. We have provided this list based on what students think and according to various business magazines and other resources. What choice you make is totally dependent on your suitability.

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