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UCLA Executive MBA Program

Talking about executive MBA (weekend MBA) program that is there to facilitate the professionals who cannot continue to study because of their busy work schedules, we cannot miss UCLA executive MBA program. The great thing about UCLA has always been the range of students from all around the world. UCLA is known for being the school of almost fifty percent people who were born in other parts of the world than United States. These people apply at UCLA for various undergraduate and postgraduate programs because they find the experience of this university different and energetic. You will love the fact that UCLA does not have a quota, which means it does not have a limit of how many foreign or overseas students can participate in any of the program being offered at UCLA. If part-time MBA program seems very lengthy and slow to you then executive MBA (weekend MBA) program is the best place for you to recommence your studies.

About The Executive MBA Program At UCLA

Executive MBA program at UCLA is a comprehensive and interactive and it comprises of courses that give executive level students a better insight into their desired subjects no matter where they are working in the world.            UCLA usually starts the enrollment process and application acceptance session in the month of September. To be precise, it mostly begins on September 1. Though most of the universities do not require their executive students to submit or take the GMAT but UCLA is different in this approach. No matter how much experience the students have, UCLA strives to have them all on the same page by making GMAT compulsory for all students who take part in the Executive MBA program.

The length of the executive MBA (weekend MBA) program at UCLA is twenty-two months. Executive MBA program usually varies between nineteen to twenty-two months as you look at different universities. Just like many other universities, classes are held for students on alternate weekends to allow them to attend their classes without any interruption to their working schedules.

Length, Cost And Requirements Of Executive MBA Program At UCLA

The length of the program is twenty-two months, which makes it a comprehensive training for all the students no matter what background they belong to. Fifteen to twenty hours in every week are spent by students on completing their assignments and other group related studies. The program also consists of five residential in total.

UCLA takes fees from its students on a yearly basis. The latest fees that have been announced by the university for the first year of executive MBA (weekend MBA) program is fifty-nine thousand dollars plus. However, the cost of books, tuition, softwares, registration, dining and residential is all included in this yearly fee. If students will be going on any international seminars, that fee is also included in the fee however; the students have to pay for their airfare. The great thing for students to know is the availability of financial aid that is allowed up to twenty thousand and five hundred dollars.

Requirements for students include the completion of GMAT as well as eight years of experience at least. This eight years of experience must include up to five years of management experience.

Where Is UCLA Executive MBA Program Ranked?

Students verify the quality of any program through various factors. Some base their research on the variety of courses that are offered under the program. The best thing about UCLA executive MBA (weekend MBA) program is its rank in the world. Businessweek ranks the executive weekend MBA program at number 5 in the world. Financial Times has ranked the program at number 10 in United States. The Wall Street Journal has awarded it with number 1 in career services. How you will rank it depends on your experience.

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