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5 Colleges offering Accelerated MBA Degrees

Due to the popularity of MBA program and courses that are covered within the program, you will now see many variations of this program available throughout the world. There was a time when we only knew about MBA program. Later on, we got familiar with part-time MBA programs. With the arrival of internet arrived the online MBA program. Answering to the need of time, we now have an executive MBA or weekend MBA program. Somehow, we could not get enough MBA degrees, so now we have been familiarized with the accelerated MBA program.

An accelerated MBA program as the name suggests is the one that accelerates at a faster speed than a regular MBA program. Part-time MBA programs are often taken by students who have their jobs in the daytime so the evening classes suit them the best. However, accelerated MBA program is for students who have the time to continue with full-time schedule of MBA but are eager to start a job as soon as possible. For any students who want to accelerate through an MBA program without waiting for two years, here are the names of five colleges that offer accelerated MBA degrees with quality education.

Boston University

Boston University offers a truly accelerated MBA program that could be completed in 1 year. Boston University offers full-time MBA that could be completed in two years, an part-time MBA and executive MBA. By this you can realize that this university is an expert of providing MBA programs. They say that they can deliver a full time quality MBA degree in a part-time package. This program starts in May in China. The two cities of China where the program starts are Shanghai and Beijing.

University Of South California

Another great university with a comprehensive one-year MBA program for students who think they can gain the knowledge of two years in one year with the same efficiency as other students. The concentrations offered under the program include business administration, marketing, information and operations management, finance and business economics and management and organization. According to US News, the one-year MBA program at University of South California is ranked in the top 10 one-year MBA programs.

University Of San Diego

University of San Diego also offers an accelerated MBA program along with part-time MBA programs. Time to complete the program at an accelerated speed is seventeen months. Concentrations offered in the program by the university include finance, marketing, supply chain management, International Business, managerial leadership, new venture management and corporate social responsibility.

Northwestern University

This university is located in Illinois, United States. It offers the accelerated MBA program that could be completed by students within just one year. The one-year MBA from Northwestern University has been rated at number four by Business Week. The cost of accelerated or one-year MBA program at Northwestern University is seventy-two thousand dollars.

Cornell University

Whether it is accelerated MBA or executive MBA, Cornell University is one name that you will definitely see in the lists. Cornell University offers an accelerated MBA program that could be finished within just one year at a cost of just fifty one thousand dollars plus. This cost might sound big to you but if you compare the quality of education, it will surely be the best you can get in this price. At the same time, Cornell University is affordable as compared to many other universities that offer the same program at double the rates.

A Note for Students

No matter what university or college you choose to complete your full-time MBA, weekend MBA or part-time MBA programs, where you will be heading to is entirely depending on you. The more hard work you do, the better results you will get. The more sweetness you add, the sweeter it gets.

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