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Cornell University Executive MBA

Cornell University offers one of the most interactive and challenging executive or weekend MBA program that gives executives a feeling of going into some lucrative study programs. Executive MBA program has a very unique environment because every student has the experience of practical world already with enough experience to falsify or verify any piece of information within the course. Average students’ age that are enrolled in EMBA program is over thirty years or more precisely, round about thirty-five years. In this age and with this level of experience, students need more insight into the knowledge of business that is more practical in nature. For this purpose, an interactive class structure is of utmost importance. Cornell University is unique and top ranked in providing such classes and environment to all its executive students. Let us look into some of the facilities, advantages, benefits and features of executive MBA (weekend MBA) program that is offered at Cornell University.

The Format Facilities and Length of the Program

The entire executive MBA (weekend MBA) program has been divided into four terms. The length of these terms can be called almost equal. All these terms follow the same format. The beginning of each term is the most interactive part of the term. This first week has been named as the residence week. These residence weeks are held in Cornell University that is located in New York. The total numbers of months that will be required to complete the program are twenty-two. Classes are held on alternate weekends, which is the case with many other universities as well. After the residence week is over, classes come together regularly on the same platform, which is the IBM Palisades Executive Conference Center.

On your residence week, the classes are held in the Sage Hall and you will be surprised by the education setting and integration of latest technology in the hall. The accommodation for students is a true executive accommodation at the Statler Hotel. Executive MBA (weekend MBA) classed include all types of course work and training that is required by professionals to incorporate in their jobs. Team work, interaction between various cultures, guest speakers and ample review sessions are the characteristics of classes that you will be attending on alternate weekends.

Facilities that executives get throughout their executive MBA (weekend MBA) program are unmatched by any other university. Meals, breakfasts, accommodation and breaks are provided to all the students at just the right time. When students stay at the campus, they get whatever meals and breakfasts that are necessary for comfortable accommodation. Fitness center and gourmet restaurant give a fresher to the working minds as they continue with their executive MBA program.

Schedule Of Executive MBA Program

As mentioned above, the program comprises of four terms in total. Each term is of almost five and a half months in length and all terms are approximately equal. Each term will start with the residence week that is spent at the Cornell University campus by the students while interacting and socializing with each other. First and third term start in the month of August while second and fourth start in January. On weekend classes, students follow a schedule that is neither too tiring nor too relaxing.

Classes begin with a delicious breakfast between seven thirty to eight in the morning. In between the classes, lunch is provided to the students along with a recreation time and dinner at five thirty in the evening. After the end of classes and dinner, students get time to review or do the group sessions with their fellow students. Sundays start with a breakfast and then classes from eight to twelve-thirty in the noontime.

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