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PurPdue University MBA Program

Thousands of universities are offering MBA in every location in the world nowadays but very few of them can meet the standards set by Purdue University. Purdue University has an excellent repute in business studies and has produced executives who are managing many large sized companies in the world. Its MBA program features international knowledge of business trends and all the management styles and tactical knowledge. Purdue University believes in creating equal opportunities for every one that is why it has offered full time MBA programs as well as part-time MBA program. Executives who are currently working can complete their education and remove the only limitation on their resume.

MBA program course guideline

MBA is almost the last level of education for most of the executives out there in the profession or industry. Purdue University MBAs go to general business administration in organizations that range from profit making companies, which are strict with their goals and objectives and long term plans, to not for profit organizations. Managers have to adapt themselves and must have enough knowledge to keep growing the organization and meeting short and long term objectives efficiently. Purdue University starts with teaching the strategic management in the business and go on to other aspects of management and global business knowledge. Strategic management enables the managers to understand and prepare long term objectives of the organization. These are the abilities of the top tier of the management. Another of the abilities that is essential in Purdue University MBA programs, full-time or part-time MBA program such as weekend MBA, is the leadership qualities. Students must be able to understand different styles of leadership and their suitability to different environments. Other courses include financial knowledge and accounting language. Marketing concepts and techniques are also touched by the course guideline because of their wide use nowadays.

Admission process

First of all you have to make up your mind about which MBA program do you want? There is a full-time MBA program that is for students who can manage any day of the week and there is weekend MBA program that is for people who are totally busy with their jobs all the days of the week and available only on weekends. Admission process starts with the study of last date for application in the university. You can always follow the website of Purdue University and you can easily find it in the admission tab. They are constantly updating the website for last date of admission. Once you know that you have a date approaching, you can start with collecting letters of recommendation provided to you by the institution of your graduation and one more person who is easily approachable by the university. They usually require only two letters of recommendation. Because of high reputation of Purdue University there are thousands of applications for MBA admissions every session. So to filter these applications on merit basis they require good grade points average in graduate degree. It is usually more than 2.5 and even higher in some sessions but rarely below this. Students who are applying for this university from parts of the world where English is not the official language must prove to the admission cell that they are well versed in English speaking, listening and writing. Purdue University may direct different tests for this purpose. Other requirements may vary in full-time MBA and part-time MBA program but language requirement is compulsory.

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