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Standford University Weekend MBA

Stanford University is a renowned university all around the world because of its graduates and MBAs adept at their work are currently managing companies with tight schedules and budgetary constraints. Due to recent in the economy there is more need of managers who are well educated. Stanford University programs, full time MBA program and part-time MBA program are training managers for all types of work and organization. Managers qualified from Stanford University are working in profit making organizations that have tight budgetary constraints that the managers have to deal with. These companies create goals for managers that are hard to achieve unless managers have knowledge from all the streams of the business. Stanford University has created opportunities for the people who are not available in the week days by offering weekend MBA program. This program is very easy to attend and makes it very easy for people in jobs to attend classes and enhance the value of their resume.

Weekend MBA course guideline

Stanford University grooms managers for the top tier of management which is why they start with strategic management and teach students about the art and science of management. Strategic management involves understanding the culture of the organization down to the values and beliefs shared by the organization’s employees. Then it involves creating a scope and vision of the organization and setting long term and short term objectives. Then there are topics to create understanding of leadership and its different kinds. Students can prepare themselves for international environments by gaining knowledge of different kinds of leadership and how they are suitable to varying environments around the world. Then interaction with the infrastructure of the organization is very important for the top tier manager which is why they have subjects for information technology and recent advancements, finance terms and money management and basic accounting knowledge. Managers can create opportunities and exploit the knowledge of different fields in meeting their objectives. The courses of full time MBA and part-time MBA program can vary a little but overall understanding is assured. Stanford University has the highest standards of education and continuously improving.

Admission process

Admission process starts when you select whether you want to do full-time or part-time MBA program. Options for doing weekend MBA are also very attractive for people in jobs. Then you have to fill in the application for admission. Letter of recommendation is necessary for the admission but there are usually two letters required. One of these letters needs to be from the university from which student has completed his graduation. Good score in GRE is necessary in some cases because analytical abilities of the students are very important to understand the advanced knowledge in the course for MBA. Due to high standards of the Stanford University there are a lot of applications every session. This is why institution has to select students on merit basis. So the cumulative grade point earned in the graduation has to be more than 2.5 in any case but it is usually higher than this. Institution reviews these requirements every year to give admissions to students with best grades.

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