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5 Schools that offer an Online MBA Degree

Not everyone gets the time to continue with the full time schedules of studies that are followed in colleges and universities. There could be hundreds of reasons for people being unable to continue with regular classes especially when it comes to an MBA degree. At the time of MBA, you have already reached your mature age and probably you have started working as well. To tackle with this scenario, online MBA programs prove to be the best solution for most of the people. At the same time, various types of MBA programs have been designed to meet the schedules of different people. These types of MBA include full-time MBA, part-time MBA and executive MBA (EMBA). Executive MBA is also called weekend MBA due to the schedule that is followed.

If you are face to face with any such scenarios that are not letting you take the course with regular schedule then here are five schools offering online MBA degree. May be one of the schools from this list could be your future institution.

Carnegie Mellon Distance Learning MBA

Carnegie Mellon University offers one of the best online MBA program for students from all over the world. It offers a two and a half year program. The programs commence in the month of august of every year. Thirty thousand dollars for two semesters is the cost that you should expect to spend. It might look a bit high to you but as compared to the quality of program, it will look reasonable to you.

MBA Program at Duke University

Duke University is located in United States and if you have researched enough, you would know that United States is one of the best places for education for students from all over the world. Students looking for part-time MBA or weekend MBA will find this university to be one of the best. It offers a challenging environment and a variety of courses within the MBA degree program.

Lehigh University Online MBA

Talk about part-time MBA program and Lehigh University is the name that should be on your tongue right away. The teaching quality at this university has been ranked at number one and you will be glad to know that it is considered among the ten best universities of the world for academic quality. A GPA of 3.0 has to be maintained by the students to stay in the program or at least to stay safe.

Thunderbird School of Global Management

This school offers competitive environment for MBA programs and diversified courses for students from around the globe. An advantage that Thunderbird School has over others is that it offers the programs start dates in January, April and August. Seventy-five percent of the program taken by the students is complete virtually or online. Rest of the program might include the presence of students at an onsite campus.

University Of North Carolina MBA Program

Find any list on the internet for online MBA programs, part-time MBA programs or weekend MBA programs, you will find this university in the list. Facility of webcams is available for students to interact with their teachers and professors online in case of any questions. However, this interaction between students and professors is only possible within working hours.

If you are one of the people who do not want to compromise on their studies and want to learn as they study, online MBA programs are available for you from thousands of universities from around the world. Weekend MBA programs and part-time MBA programs have made lives easier for many students who want to continue their studies along with their jobs.

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